How To Wrap Your Feet

Kickboxing is a common type of martial arts style fighting. People will use it as a way to get in shape or to train for competitions in MMA or boxing. It helps to give them a wider range of fighting experience and to learn how to perform technique with precision and power.

Practice is an important part of learning. In order to do this though you must have on the proper gear that will help to protect your body. People who wish to fight in competitions must be able to train – but if they injure themselves they will not be able to fight for at least a month.

Wrapping the feet is important – but not many people will remember to do it or will know how to do it properly. By wrapping your feet and ankles you will be protecting them from the shock of the high impact moves you are doing and prevent any injuries.

Spray your skin with tape adhesive spray. This will help you to secure the athletic tape and to make it stronger.

Cut away pieces of the pre-taping under wrap. Your ankle should be at a ninety degree angle. Place the pre-taping under wrap pieces around the ankle bone to give it some much needed padding. This will also help to prevent any skin irritations from the athletic tape. Keep wrapping in a figure eight design.

Use the athletic tape to create anchors at the top of the wrap. Place another anchor under the foot and work towards the top. Make sure to cover all of the areas that have been wrapped by the pre tape.

You will need to keep going until you have added three stirrups around the foot. Near the end you will make a mid foot sling and apply a half heel so that it will lock the wrap and add more support.