How To Teach Kickboxing

Kickboxing is an older sport that teaches self defense through elements of western style boxing and martial art kicks. It is a popular sport and something that many people will learn at a young age. Popularity for it first began during the 1980’s when movies began to use it the most.

If you have a love of martial arts than you should consider teaching kickboxing. You can in order to succeed you must understand that basic rules that must be followed and how best to teach your students.


The best way for people to learn is to start with the basics. Teach them the proper way to stand when fighting in competitions or when simply defending yourself. The feet must be shoulder width apart and the knees must be bent slightly. Make sure that the weaker foot is a step in front of the stronger foot. Hands should be up and close to the face to protect it from punches and kicks. This will help you to move quickly and to keep your body balanced.


There are four basic boxing punches you will learn. You need to think about hwo effective they will be against your opponent and not how much flare it has. The jab, cross, hook, and uppercut are the most efficient to use and the easiest to learn. When done right they can knockout your opponent and end the fight.


The kicks require a great deal of practice. You need to know how to deliver them effectively so that they can reach the right spot and have power behind them. It is usually best to strike with the ball of the foot. Most people prefer the side kick to the front kick because it protects their body and provides more balance.