How To Practice Kickboxing Techniques

If you are wanting to use kickboxing as a way to do well in certain types of competitions or if you simply want the most out of your exercise than you need to practice. The best way to catch on to the different techniques and to carry them out with all the power that you have is to practice every day.

What To Wear

You need to make sure that when you are practicing you wear clothes that are comfortable and will allow you to move around without being restricted in anyway. Try to wear the appropriate exercise clothes that are form fitting to your body and help to soak up the sweat. Also wear cross training shoes, padding, mouthpiece, and a helmet when sparring.

Warm Up

Warming up for five to ten minutes before you practice will help to stretch your muscles and make them more flexible. It will also help you to avoid any injuries. You need to stretch out your thighs, calves, arms, and lower back.


The best way to practice is to start off doing things slowly. First practice the technique of it all. After you have fine tuned that portion you can work on the power that you have to put behind it. Try to work on a heavy punching bag or with a partner who can hold pads for you.


You are never going to be able to take your opponent down if you do not have enough power behind your moves. Work on doing the kicks and punches separately and putting power behind each one. Do not fail to lose the technique and stance that you should be in when executing them. A great way to help build your power is to do strength training exercises.

Cool Down

When you are done you need to spend five minutes cooling down. Carefully and slowly stretch out your muscles again and drink a lot of water. Try to walk around the room and breathe in slowly and deeply.