Executing Kickboxing Combinations

Kickboxing might not be the most graceful fighting sport – but it is one of the most complicated. When you train in this area you will learn various combinations that combine certain martial art techniques together. You need to be able to defend yourself using both your legs and hands in fluid, easy movements.

The most common kickboxing combination will have you facing your opponent with your feet in a boxer stance. Keep the legs shoulder width apart and have one leg (your strongest one) forward slightly. The shoulders should be turned up and the arms and hand clinched loosely.

Throw a quick jab, with your left hand, to the head of the opponent and snap it back to you. Make sure that your fist is tight when you make contact. The jab should be quick without losing any power.

Now come across and bring your right hand across your body to the left side of the opponent’s jaw. This needs to be straight so you don’t miss. Push off from your left foot while you throw the punch and pull the power from your shoulder. Make sure to pull it back into you quickly.

Bring your left fist around and aim it for the right side of the jaw. This is a type of round house punch that can throw the opponent off guard. If you were quick than it is possible they walked slightly into it because of the punch you did previously.

The final strike you make will be with your kick. Move all of your weight to the right foot and kick with your left. The left shin should come into contact with the back of the upper leg right where the femoral nerve is. This will stun your opponent and (if you have enough power) will bring them to their knees.