Essential Kickboxing Equipment

In order to train properly during your kickboxing fitness session you are going to need the proper equipment. This equipment will help to protect you, give you breathing room, and be able to perform each technique with ease. Many martial art schools and gyms will recommend that you wear and bring some specific equipment that will aid you during the classes.

Kickboxing Clothes

Wearing the right workout clothes is essential. Those of you who were thinking about showing up in sweats and a large t-shirt may want to re-think this. Usually schools will provide you with a special uniform that they require all their students to wear.

Gyms however, will let you choose what you want – but we still don’t recommend the sweats. Instead wear shorts and a t-shirt. These will give you room to breathe and to move easily. Just make sure not to wear something that is too large or small.

Fight Gear

You are practicing kicking and punching – which means you will most likely be hitting large pads to help you aim. In order to protect your hands and put power behind everything you will need to have the right fight gear.

MMA gloves are some of the best to use for kickboxing because they allow your hands to breathe – but it will protect them at the same time. You can also purchase feet pads that will cover the top of your feet and protect them while you kick pads.

Hand wraps are a great thing to have when practicing kickboxing. Many people feel that wearing gloves is enough protection – but it is possible to seriously hurt your hands while wearing them. To give them extra protection you can wrap them up with special fabric and then place your glove over them.